studioooij Matter of Scent by MvanOoij final [lr]

Matter of Scent

Smelling a specific scent can trigger a flood of memories. Due to the location of the sense of smell in our brain, memories become almost visible.


This installation intends to convey the power of our individual imaginations in combination with the almost involuntary immediacy of scent. Though seemingly elusive and fleeting, certain scents can leave a deeper impression than visual cues. Once imprinted, these sense memories can summon strong visual associations.


Most works of art appeal mainly to one of our senses: vision. Can the fact that scent brings on emotions that one cannot suppress, serve as another way to be engaged?




Matter of Scent



5 Scents, Acrylic,

Testtubes &

Blank Canvas/

w 16" x h 20"


Matter of Scent was at Figment, partipatory art festival on Governors Island, NYC, June 8-9, 2013

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Smell a scent in one of the tubes. Look at the canvas and experience what you see.